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SV Summerville Gin

  • SV Summerville Gin is 100% Made in Germany
  • Founder: Ralph Cremona
  • The German gin stands for quality. It has been produced in the traditional Behlen distillery in Weimar an der Lahn since 2019.
  • SV Summerville is the German country winner of the World Gin Award 2021 in the category: Contemporary Gin.
  • The jury’s result: “Summerville has a hint of cardamom and white pepper with a gentle note of orange peel. The finish creates a perfect balance of sweetish, cinnamon-like taste.”
  • Taste: Fruity, berry
  • Association: vacation, beach, sun, lightness, being free, music, fun, joy, togetherness
  • Look and Feel: Fresh, individual, crazy.
  • SV Summerville is a new discovery in the German gin world.
  • Bottle sizes and retail prices: 500 ml / 28 euros. 200 ml / 16 euros. 40 ml / 3.50 euros

Gin in Germany

  • Sales in the Gin segment will be around € 650 million in 2021.
  • According to the forecast, a market volume of € 823 million will be achieved in 2025; this corresponds to an annual sales growth of 6.08% (CAGR 2021-2025).
  • Converted to the size of the population, around € 7.75 per capita will be implemented in 2021.
  • The average per capita consumption is around 0.3 l in 2021.
  • Total sales of the spirits industry: 2.2 billion euros
  • Total per capita consumption of spirits: 5.3 l
  • Gin has become a popular in-drink.
  • New brands and distilleries are booming around the world.

Source: statista

SV Summerville recipe

SV Summerville is a modern gin with classic elements. The notes of a total of ten botanicals were mixed with the wild juniper aromas: Grains of Paradise, violet root, lemon peel, St. John’s wort, fennel, cinnamon bark, galangal root, cardamom, star anise. In its own way, the recipe is complex and balanced at the same time.

SV Summerville Distillery

  • SV Summerville Gin is produced in the traditional Behlen distillery in Weimar an der Lahn.
  • In 1753, Landgrave Philipp von Hessen granted the Fortbach estate the right to distill.
  • In 1942 – almost 200 years later – schnapps distiller Heinrich Behlen from Korbach acquired the estate, including the distillery and historical distillery rights.
  • In 1971 he handed the company over to the next generation.
  • Jürgen Behlen, also a master distiller, expanded the product range and combined tradition with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.
  • In 2007 production was relocated to Wenkbach in order to expand further.
  • In 2019, SV Summerville Gin will be produced in the distillery for the first time.

Distillation process

SV Summerville is distilled in copper stills. This approach stands for a high-quality production method, which additionally improves the quality of the gin, as the macerate is cleaned and possible flavors are filtered out.

Summerville Gin is gently produced in a distillation process (direct current process). It is then cooled to -4 degrees in order to filter out possible residues (fatty oils). As a result, the whole aroma of the Summerville Gin comes into its own and the individual botanicals can be tasted more clearly. The dominance of the otherwise strong juniper taste is thereby softened.

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About Ralph

The founder of SV Summerville

Since childhood, his greatest dream has been: an easy and carefree life, informal and free, across borders. A “sunny” life with family and friends. A life from the essence of freedom, lightness and joy.

Ralph Cremona is a free spirit who loves life. Born in Lebanon and raised in Saudi Arabia, France and the USA. His parents – a Lebanese furniture designer and an entrepreneur – had already build their own company. Ralph is a cosmopolitan, with roots that go even further to Italy and Argentina, where his grandparents came from.

Ralph studied in Lebanon and graduated in New York. He then worked for many years as a marketing and business manager for international design and real estate groups in Lebanon and Dubai. Throughout his exciting, international childhood, one thing was always clear to him, later on he wanted an easy and uncomplicated life, somewhere in the world. Then it happened to him in Dubai. He got to know and love Christina from Germany. At first it was not an easy decision for him to give up his international “jet set life” in Dubai, but his dream was still in focus. As a bon vivant and lover of good food, the minimalist and at the same time exotic style and as a connoisseur, he got a taste for gin on a mild summer evening, sitting on the terrasse of his house in Marburg! So far it has been mainly Arak and Pernot that he drank with his family and friends, but suddenly he realized: He wanted his own gin. A gin that already bears its vision and dream in its name. A gin that embodies what it is looking for: freedom, lightness and joie de vivre. A gin called: SV Summerville!

Said and done. Ralph looked for a distillery with expertise, created his own logo and met people who identified with his lifelong dream and stood by his side. Together they built up sales. Today, just two years later, it is here: the best gin in Germany! Summerville has already won the World Gin Award 2021 and impressed with its fresh, light, tangy berry note. Summerville embodies what Ralph was looking for and now found! La dolce vita.