The Gin Award

SV Summerville Gin: “Best German Contemporary” Gin 2021

The “Best German Contemporary” gin comes from Marburg, so decided the independent jury of the WORLD GIN AWARDS 21, the Summerville on February 27, 2021 with the World Gin Award.

What is “Contemporary Gin”?

Contemporary gins are gins with taste profiles in which juniper is still recognizable, but citrus, spice and floral aromas are more pronounced than with a classic gin. Contemporary Gin is a collective term for gins that are described as “New-Wave”, “New Western” or “New American Dry”. This gin must be bottled with a minimum content of 37.5% ABV.

How did the jury go to work?

  • Every year, the World Gin Awards recognize the best gins in a total of eleven categories.
  • More than 800 gins are tested in this event.
  • In a first blind tasting round, the gin is judged by independent, international spirits experts.
  • The number of points awarded decides the Gold, Silver, Bronze medals and the highest score in its category and country becomes the Country winner.
  • Each Country winner then competes in a second round for the title of world’s best gins in every category.